RV Storage: What To Know When Looking For The Safest Options

If you can no longer store your RV where you live and you have to find a storage option for the off-season, choosing the right RV storage facility is important. You need to know that your RV is safe and that it isn't going to get damaged or vandalized.

Look at local storage options to find out what type of facilities have availability. You also need to decide if you want indoor or outdoor storage. Compare the costs and do the following things.

Winterize Properly

An important part of the RV coming out of storage in the same condition it went in is proper winterization. The vehicle should get a mechanical inspection and tune-up, have the fluids changed and topped off, and prep the vehicle to sit. If the vehicle is going to be stored outdoors, you will want to get a cost to have it wrapped for protection.

Find Secure Storage Options

You need to find the most secure storage options available. Look for RV storage facilities that have these things:

  • Locked gated entrance after regular business hours
  • 24-hour camera surveillance
  • High-quality unit door locks like roll locks or key code entry options

It's important that the storage facility monitors who comes in and out of the property with recording options and that they have not made the property open to the public.

Get Storage Insurance

It doesn't matter if your RV isn't going to be on the road or in use as it still needs to be protected. You can get storage insurance for when the vehicle is sitting to protect against theft, natural disasters, and damage that could occur that aren't predicted. This will cost less than the coverage that you carry when the RV is in use and is worth the investment.

If you don't want the RV to be left uncovered or outdoors, you will have to find RV storage options that are in temperature-controlled units. These will cost more for your monthly lease but are worth the investment if you don't want the RV exposed to weathering and freezing cold temperatures.

You may also be able to find shelter coverage, so put something above the RV that helps to shield it from some of the elements and constant UV exposure. Set a budget for the storage needs and call around to find out where you can store the unit at the best price. From there you can get the vehicle prepped and put away.

For more information on RV storage, contact a company near you.

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