Want To Rent A Storage Unit? 3 Ways To Fit More Items

Once you make use of all the available storage space in your home, you may look towards renting a storage unit to give you all the rest of the space that you need. While you may not have any trouble with finding a storage facility that you are interested in renting a unit from, the one thing that you may not know how to handle well is storing all your possessions in an optimal way.

In this situation, you should not hesitate to learn about everything that you can do to make better use of the storage space that you pay for on a monthly basis.

Furniture Disassembly

An excellent idea is to take apart all the furniture pieces that you intend on storing. If you do not have a manual for the furniture and you are not able to find any instructions online, you should take photos of every piece that you want to put into storage before disassembling them.

This way, when you remove these furniture pieces from storage, you can refer to the photos to know where all the hardware should go as well as how to assemble everything. Putting furniture into storage in individual pieces will help you take up the least amount of space in your unit.

Vacuum Seal Bags

When you have bedding, clothing, towels, and blankets that you are interested in putting away, you should buy vacuum seal bags that you can use to make all these belongings smaller when storing them. To avoid a situation in which you are not able to fit comforters or oversized blankets into these bags, you will benefit from picking up a variety of sizes, including extra-large ones.

Shelving Units

Another clever way that you can fit more items into your storage unit is by making use of shelving units that you set up throughout the inside. Trying to stack boxes or bins all the way to the ceiling is not something that you will be able to accomplish safely or easily. So, a great solution is using tall shelving units that get close to the ceiling that you can put all your boxes and bins on. On each shelf, you should not have trouble stacking two or three boxes on top of each other.

By following these tips when you rent a storage unit, you should feel confident about your ability to make use of all the space inside by fitting a lot of possessions. To learn more about your storage options, visit websites like http://www.atozstorage.net.

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