When Planning Your Family's Upcoming Move, Don't Forget These Important Things

Whether your family is preparing for an upcoming local move or a long distance one, it probably feels like there is a neverending list of things you need to do before the day you move. If you are overwhelmed with thoughts of packing, hiring professional movers, and moving day mishaps, then take a break, have some tea, and pencil time into your pre-moving schedule for taking care of each of these important tasks:

Schedule a Moving Service and Arrange for Any Needed Storage

Whether you will be moving directly into your next home or need to move your belongings to a new area and then store them until your home is ready, it is imperative you make arrangements for a moving and storage service as soon as possible. By scheduling your movers and making arrangements for storage well ahead of your move, you will ensure you can move on the day you choose and check this major task off of your to-do list.

Pick Up an Address Change Packet at Your Local Post Office

While you can always go online and submit an address change with the US Postal Service, it may be better to instead stop by your local branch and pick up one of their address change packets. These packets often have high-value coupons for stores such as Home Depot and are well worth the effort to run in and grab one.

Return Your Library Books

If you or your children have any books on loan from the library, take time to go drop them off before you move. If you have any late fees, then fess up when you visit and take care of the issue.

Pick Up Your Dry Cleaning

If you have any clothing or other fabric items you have been meaning to pick up from the local dry cleaners, then now is the time. You don't want to move and then discover your belongings are left behind at the dry cleaners.

Return Borrowed Items to Their Owners

Do you have any tools or other belongings you borrowed from friends or relatives? Returning them will allow you to check off one more thing off of your pre-moving task list, and it will help declutter your home or garage as well.

Move Your Bank Account

If you are moving across town, then you will likely still be using the same bank. However, if you are moving a long distance, then your bank may not have a branch nearby. Check online to see if there is a branch of your bank where you want to move, and if there isn't, then move your account to a bank with one.

Backup Your Computer

Whenever you load your computer into a car and it bounces around as you drive, it is in danger of damaging the hard drive or its other delicate parts. To protect your valuable photos, documents, and other data, take some time to back up your computer onto the cloud before moving it.

Get Your Cars Serviced

Finally, the last thing you need during a move is for one of your cars to break down along the way. Taking your cars in to be serviced before moving day will help to prevent this from happening and will give you peace of mind. This is especially vital if you are making a long distance move.

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