Downsizing Your Office Space: Tips For Moving Your Business To Smaller Premises

You might choose to downsize your office space for a number of reasons. Maybe you do more of the work online, so you don't need as many employees in your office building. Perhaps you've decided to store products at a different location. Or you might be trying to downscale your business for personal reasons.

Downsizing to a smaller space can often be challenging, even in a business setting. If you are planning to move your office to a new location, follow these downsizing tips. 

1. Hire out more necessary services.

The more work you do yourself in your office, the more supplies and equipment you need. For example, if you shredded all your own documents, you would need space for the shredder. Contracting out to a shredding service is more secure and lets you get rid of the need for a shredder at each employee's desk. 

You can also hire out things like seasonal rugs (a company can come to pick up the dirty ones and leave fresh ones each week), which means you don't have to find a place to store rugs. If you pay for cloud storage, you'll need fewer filing cabinets for paper storage. 

In the weeks leading up to your move, look into products and services marketed for reducing the workload in the office. Not only will this help you fit into the new space, but it makes the move less complicated if you get rid of unneeded items before the move date. The move will be less costly for your company, and it will be faster to load and unload a moving truck if you have fewer items. 

2. Supply employees with portable devices. 

Another thing that takes up a lot of room is the desktop computer. You have monitors and towers for each person with an attached keyboard and mouse. These computers require larger desks. If you supply each computer-using employee with a laptop to use for work, you don't need a place for computers to rest overnight. You can have smaller work spaces, and employees can share work spaces, like four sitting at one table, instead of each person needing a standard desk.

If you make this transition before the move, you can pack the computers to be sold or donated and hire a moving company to take them separately to a buyer. Moving into your new office will be simpler if you don't move things that you will need to get rid of. 

3. Buy or rent new furniture that works for small spaces.

Before the move, measure the new office space. Furniture that is overstuffed or too large can easily crowd a small office. Measure for new furniture and put the old things up for sale. Smaller desks, narrower couches for waiting rooms, and smaller shelving units all work together to utilize a space more effectively. Look into ways that you can maximize a small desk space, like using vertical stacking storage and tuck-under shelving. When contacting a moving company about your move, look into the possibility of using the same company to move your new furnishings in addition to moving your current office supplies, and use the same company to take your older items away to a liquidation sale, auction, or donation center. 

4. Store your office supplies to make the move less daunting. 

Some moving companies offer temporary storage. This storage option is useful if you are not quite sure how much of your office furniture, decor, and components you will end up being able to keep. Instead of moving all the boxes to your new place and then trying to sort everything out, bring stuff slowly from storage. This way, you can get your office up and running in essentials, and gradually add in decor, the coffee cart, and those extra filing cabinets if you know you have space for them. 

For more information about preparing your office for a move, contact moving companies in your area. 

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